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Xena and Sidekick: The Outeroids!

We’ve got a “new” planet which our esteemed scientific community has named Xena. Our newest member of the solar system has a moon (named Gabrielle, natch) which is expected to be helpful in determining the body’s mass.

Here is the BBC article.

So, dria and I are watching Discovery tonight while waiting for Arrested Development to reach us, and they’re talking about this. The debate among our astronomers is that they’re not sure if they can call it a planet or not. It’s too far from the Sun? It’s too cold? I’m not sure what the big deal is, but they’re also considering stripping Pluto’s planetary classification and coming up with some new class for these… outer bodies. When it hit me: We should call them Outeroids!

Ceres was originally considered a planet until it was found that it lived in a vast rocky field of like, non-planetary bodies. They became the Asteroid belt. I propose a similar nomenclature for our distant rocky travelers. The Outeroids. That’s what I will call them.

I for one welcome our new rocky overlords.

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