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It’s been awhile

I haven’t been typing much into this thing lately. Firstly, a quote:

14:52 < phik> now that I eat two meals a day, I’m a lot more regular
14:52 < phik> I just thought you should know that

thanks, phik!

I finished a good book a little while ago: Greg Bear’s Eon. It’s an older book – by science fiction standards – from the mid-eighties but it held up really well. I think Shaver mentioned it in channel one day and I glommed onto it with my vise-like mind, its tendrils constantly questing for new material to digest. Do tendrils digest? Mine do! Anyway, it’s about a mysterious planetoid-like spaceship that inserts itself into earth orbit and is turned into a research station by the humans of the day. It takes place in the cold war and tensions between the US and Soviets are extremely high. Of course, the original inhabitants of “the Stone” as the americans call it make an appearance and all manner of amazing things ensue.

Now I’ve moved onto Haruki Murakami’s Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World which is proving to be a lot more difficult to pin down. I was sold on it as a cyberpunk noir detective story but the end-product is a lot more unusual than that. There are elements of this in it, along with a strong component of fantasy that makes me wonder if what I’m reading is what I think it is. I’ll know more when I’m closer to the end. So far it’s been interesting and amusing albeit lacking in a degree of grit. For that, I recommend Richard Morgan’s “Kovacs” stories.

“Altered Carbon” (Richard Morgan)

“Broken Angels” (Richard Morgan)

“Woken Furies” (Richard Morgan)


I didn’t recommend Eon, I don’t think — never read it — but I agree with your recommendation of the Kovacs trilogy.

I’ve also lately been enjoying very much the Davenport books by John Sandford, though they are not science fiction.

Posted by shaver on 9 February 2006 @ 3pm

Well that’s a puzzler then, because I could’ve sworn you mentioned it. Anyway, I have a book here if you’re looking for something to read. It was pretty decent, typos aside. Thanks for the mystery novel recommendation!

Posted by boolean on 9 February 2006 @ 3pm

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