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I’ve burbled about personal storage before and how cheap it’s getting. At last count I was up around 338GB when fully-loaded. I’m now up over 354GB with the addition of a couple of fast CF cards for my camera and this SanDisk Cruzer “Slide” USB key. I picked it up yesterday at Best Buy. Sale price: $35.99.

It’s a bit of a strange design. The slider part covers the plug but doesn’t actually cover the opening so it’s still likely to get full of the fuzzies. But hey, at $36, you can get another one.

This kind of cheap storage has made the recordable DVD effectively obsolete for moving bulky data. I expect to see recordable Blu-ray discs really taking off this year and dropping to near-affordable prices. While flash-based memory is likely as small as it’s going to get, it’ll be available in larger capacities at cheaper prices. Someone mentioned that Apple is probably making more money on their new 16GB iPhones than they were on the 4GB devices last year.


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