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10.5.7 ongoing weirdness

I managed to fix the wake-from-sleep problem that I originally suffered from on my MacPro. A reboot (or two) seemed to fix it and it sleeps without waking up now. I am still seeing some pretty weird issues with other areas though, particularly the Finder. Mapping drives through Finder seems prone to issues, often taking a long time to list available drives under a particular machine. Seems to happen with both Apple File Sharing and Samba.

I also experienced a lockup on my MacPro using the Computer Name screen saver. I locked the screen, walked away and when I came back, had a black screen with a mouse cursor on it. Couldn’t bring up the login dialog or connect to it through SSH.

Hopefully Apple releases another fix for these and whatever other issues are lurking under the covers tomorrow when they talk about the Snow Leopard release at WWDC.


hum. I don’t know. I know my macbook pro seems hotter after the update, but I run SMCFanControl and have just bumped the fans a little. I should run Temperature Monitor on my big Mac and see what it’s doing.


Posted by boolean on 8 June 2009 @ 5pm

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