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Kindle & ePub

I predict that the Kindle will support the increasingly-popular ePub format by year’s end.

There, I said it. (Though apparently I’m not the first to want this. There’s already some kind of app available that can do it natively called Savory.)

Whether it’s by third party app through Amazon’s recently-announced SDK or, hopefully, because Amazon includes it in an upcoming update, you will soon be able to buy and install books on your Kindle more easily from a multitude of sources. The recently-included PDF was the first step toward this, and I believe, the first example of a new format available for the device. For the Kindle to survive in the increasingly-flooded eReader landscape, it’s going to have to be more multi-purpose than Amazon has allowed it to be. And that’s fine. Amazon can still focus on providing a seamless content delivery mechanism and maintain their edge that way.

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