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The year Flash withered

While I’m making predictions, I think this is also the year Flash finally started its long slow exit from the web. With HTML5 gaining more and more interest and cool capabilities, the need for a dedicated browser plugin to render animations and play sounds has all-but vanished.

Now it’s just a matter of time before developers make the shift.


This is something i’m giving Apple some credit for. I don’t _hate_ flash — it’s been aiight. But I do think it’s great its replacement will be more open going forward.

Posted by Brad on 30 January 2010 @ 2am

yeah, credit where credit is due. This post was really prompted by the iPad but bolstered by addons like FlashBlock for Firefox which are increasingly popular. The Mobile version of Firefox also disables Flash by default. There are more and more ways of browsing the web without Flash and I don’t see this trend decreasing.

Plugins kind of suck.

Posted by boolean on 30 January 2010 @ 9am

Not a moment too soon. Flash blows chunks.

Posted by isomer on 30 January 2010 @ 1pm

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